Evangelism is the, well in best words, part of Christianity where you round up souls for God. There are many types of evangelism. It is also one of the spiritual gifts.

Types of Evangelism

Crowd Evangelism

Crowd Evangelism is the type of Evangelism where the evangelist will get up on stage or at a podium in fron of people. It may also be seen on television.

Every Day Witnessing

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This is where an every day Christian starts to witness to a lost person. This happens alot. And it can be done in many forms, such as showing the Christian lifestyle, talking morals and Biblical stuff, and even inviting them to church.

Written Evangelism

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This is the sort of Evangelism that is used with writing. It is commonly put there so many can read it, and for a long time. This has been used many times. It may also include articles on the internet.

Missionary Work

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This is the type of evangelism in which you go to a different place and witness to people. There are many people who go to China, in which Christianity is illeagal. There are also many who go to third world countries in which people go to witness and also provide food, medical care, clothes, shelter, and many other donated items by charities.


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Trading is doing Missionary Work at home. It usually happens because a person sees how messed up his/her home town is or they just simply see ways to help given by a local church or christian group.

Famous Evangelists

Apostle Luke

Luke is a doctor and Evengelist who traveled with Apostle Paul (See Below). He had a hand in converting John Mark, Timothy, Lydia, Dorcas, Philmon, Priscilla, Aquilla, Apollos, and Onesimus. Though his most known Evangelistic help was in his friend Theophilus, in which he sent the books of Luke and Acts as letters. In 2 Timothy he was said to have been with Paul when he was captured

Apostle Paul

Apostle Paul is the most famous (and successful?) evangelist there is. He witnessed to everyone he came in contact with and at least half converted. He wrote 1/3 of the New Testiment through letters and traveled to many places on his journies. In 2 Timothy he states by the time Timothy recieved the letterhe would have been a blood sacrifice. It was true, sense he was beheaded by Emporer Neuro and hung upside down to let the blood low out (Sick mind much?).

Apostle Silas (Silvanus)

Silas was the missionary partner of Apostle Paul. It seems he was Martyred before Paul, sense he wasn't mentioned in 2 Timothy. If so it is most likely he was killed by Roman Emprer Neuro. He was called Silas by Luke, but he was refered to as Silvanus by Paul and Peter.