The modern religions (Or religious assosiations) are Judaism, Islam, Buddhisim, Hinduism, Confucianism, Luciferian, Rastafarian, Scientology, Universal Unitarianism, Atheism, Taoism, Agnosticism, and Self Worshiping. I didn't include Christianity for a reason. If we where just a religion we would be the Undecided or the Self Worshiping. We are neither. Christians, and not those that believe as them, but them, are not in a religion, but a relationship. In a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. If we where for a religion, we would be too scared of him or distant from him to be his sheep, as he is our shepherd. Jesus is our savior, not our religion. I would much rather him be our savior and friend than him be just our Theology. What do you think? Make him your savior today. Round yourself out of the undecided and into the saved. Then you will be in a relationship, not a religion and have a savior, not a theology. Then you will make it to Heaven.